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Part 1: Clicker Preparations: what you need to get off to a successful start. 

Part 2: Getting Started with the Clicker

Part 5: Teaching Strategies

Part 12: Riding with the Clicker Part 2

Part 15: References

In each section you'll find Instructions and Discussions for each step in the training, explaining both what you are going to be doing and why.  

You'll also find Training Activities. These are lessons you'll be doing with your horse.  

In addition there are many Training Exercises. These are lessons you can do at home that prepare you for the work you'll be doing with your horse. So even if the weather is horrible, and you can't get out to do much training, you can still make progress in the comfort of your own home.

Each Chapter ends with a "quiz". This isn't a test. The quiz serves more as a memory anchor to help solidify the material in each section.

At the end of this course you'll have a solid understanding of clicker training. You'll know how to introduce your horse to the clicker, how to use it to develop solid ground manners, to solve behavior problems, and to teach new skills. You'll understand cues, and stimulus control. You'll know how to build clean loops and complex chains. And you'll understand how this relates to the everyday training needs we all face as horse owners. You'll be learning the skills you need to build a dream relationship as well as a super performance horse.

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Course Contents
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Getting Started
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 4: Foundation Lessons
Part 5: Teaching Strategies
Part 6: Training Plans
Part 7: Cues
Part 8: Chains
Part 9: Clicker SuperStars
Part 10: Rope Handling
Part 11: Riding Pt 1
Part 12: Riding Pt 2
Part 13: Riding Pt 3
Part 14: A Look Ahead
Part 15: Bibliography
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The course is divided into 15 sections.  
Part 4: The Six Foundation Lessons of Clicker Training
Part 8: Behavior Chains
Part 7: The Power of Cues
Part 6: Training Plans
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 9: From Training Level to "Grand Prix" Clicker Stardom!
Part 10: Patience, Persistence and the T'ai Chi Wall (Clicker Compatible-Rope Handling Skills)
Part 11: Riding with the Clicker Part 1
Part 13: Riding with the Clicker Part 3
Part 14: A Look Ahead