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Part 2: Getting Started
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 4: Foundation Lessons
Part 5: Teaching Strategies
Part 6: Training Plans
Part 7: Cues
Part 8: Chains
Part 9: Clicker SuperStars
Part 10: Rope Handling
Part 11: Riding Pt 1
Part 12: Riding Pt 2
Part 13: Riding Pt 3
Part 14: A Look Ahead
Part 15: Bibliography
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Pt 15: Bibliography:
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This course is designed to complement and support the material covered in these resources.  It contains new video clips and additional material not found in the DVD lesson series.
Part 15
Books and DVDs by Alexandra Kurland

Clicker Training for Your Horse 1998 Sunshine Books This is the first reference on clicker training for horses. It takes you through clicker basics, the history of clicker training, how to get started and how to apply it to a wide range of situations, including working with foals, aggressive horses, solving trailering problems, etc. Through the use of many stories it teaches you how to think like a clicker trainer.

The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures 2003 The Clicker Center The Step-By-Step Guide is a great companion book for Clicker Training for Your Horse. In almost 100 lessons it takes you through a detailed clicker training lesson plan. From the basics of getting started to applying clicker to riding, it guides you through an organized training process.

Both books can be use alone, but they were designed to compliment one another.

The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker 2005 The Clicker Center The first two books prepare you for this book. They lay the ground work foundation. This book builds on that foundation to provide detailed instruction on how to apply clicker training to riding. It begins with basic safety lessons so everyone is included, even those whose horses are not yet ready to ride. Then it builds on those safety lessons, turning them into the finesse of advanced performance work.

DVDs: The Click That Teaches DVD Lesson Series produced by The Clicker Center

Introduction to Clicker Training
Lesson 1: Getting Started with the Clicker
Lesson 2: Ground Manners
Lesson 3: Head Lowering
Lesson 4: Stimulus Control
Lesson 5: "The Why Would You Leave Me?" Game
Lesson 6: Shaping on a Point of Contact
Lesson 7: T'ai Chi Rope Handling
Lesson 8: Three-Flip-Three: Understanding Lateral Flexions
Lesson 9: Overcoming Fear and the Power of Cues
Lesson 10: The Microshaping Strategy
Lesson 11: Capture the Saddle
Lesson 12: Riding on a Triangle
Lesson 13: Helen House Horse
Lesson 14: The Poisoned Cue
Lesson 15: Microriding
Lesson 16: Whoa! Stop! Finding Your Horse's Brakes
Lesson 17: Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder
Lesson 18: Loopy Training

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What is Clicker Training? by Alexandra Kurland  posted Nov. 2013
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