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Welcome to the Click That Teaches On-Line Course. 

In this course you’ll be discovering that the sky’s the limit! It doesn’t matter if you ride english or western, if you are a trail rider, an endurance rider, a reiner, a jumper, a dressage rider, or just a weekend pleasure rider, this clicker foundation applies to all disciplines and interests. If you are starting with a foal, have a green horse, a seasoned campaigner, an old family friend, you’ll find this work applies to them all.  

After you’ve completed this foundation course you’ll be able to teach your horse new skills and to resolve training issues. Did I say the sky’s the limit? Actually I was wrong. With clicker training there is no limit to what you can create out of great training foundation.

Have Fun!
Getting Started: The First Clicker Lesson
This miniature horse works as a guide for her blind owner.
Create Your 
Own Clicker 
Super Star!
Course Contents
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Getting Started
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 4: Foundation Lessons
Part 5: Teaching Strategies
Part 6: Training Plans
Part 7: Cues
Part 8: Chains
Part 9: Clicker SuperStars
Part 10: Rope Handling
Part 11: Riding Pt 1
Part 12: Riding Pt 2
Part 13: Riding Pt 3
Part 14: A Look Ahead
Part 15: Bibliography
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Alexandra Kurland with her Clicker Family,
Peregrine and Robin.