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Part 9: Clicker SuperStars
Part 9: Pg 2
Bridling - Clicker Style

Target Around a Circle

Following Targets

Guide Work: A Form of Advanced Leading

Part 9: Pg 3
Liberty Lunging

Liberty Ground Driving

Trotting Cone Circles As A Reward
Liberty Lunging on the Beach

Pacing out a Circle

Part 9: Pg 4
Touch the Goblins

Touch the Goblins

Part 9: Pg 5
Freeshaping A Retrieve

Painting Lessons

Fun with Targets

Part 9: Pg 6
Ground Tying and Self Control

101 Things A Handler Can Do While A Horse Stands on a Mat


Liberty Lunging

The Pilates Pose: A Keys-To-The-Kingdom Lesson

Food Delivery and the "Pilates Pose"

Food Delivery: Feed for Good Balance

The Pilates Pose and Grown-ups: 
Keeping Things in Balance

Part 9: Pg 7
Happy Ears

Part 9: Pg 9
Head Lowering and the T'ai Chi Wall

Head Lowering: Using the T'ai Chi Wall

Part 9: Pg 10
"Life Happens"

Yielding the Hips Part 1
Yielding the Hips Part 2
Taking the Hips Part 1a
The Link to Performance

Part 9: Pg 11
Part 9: Pg 12
Backing in a Square: Part 1
Backing in a Square: Part 2
Backing in a Square: 
Second Session Part 1
Backing in a Square:
Second Session Part 2
Backing in a Square
Part 9: Pg 13
Using Loops To Turn The Mat into A Powerful Reinforcer
Part 1
Using Loops To Turn The Mat into A Powerful Reinforcer
Part 2
Putting the Foundation Lessons Together To Solve Problems

The Balance Beam

Balance Games on the Mattress

Part 9: Pg 14
Transforming Cold Hosing into a Fun Game

Two Year Old Amelia Learns to Groom and Bridle Her Horse

Amelia's First Riding Lesson

Panda Catch

Panda Learns To Go Up and Down Stairs

The Many Faces of Clicker Training

Part 10: Rope Handling
The T'ai Chi Wall

Rope-Handling Instructions

The T'ai Chi Walk

Part 10: Pg 2
The T'ai Chi Wall

Soft Versus Tense: The Astounding Difference It Makes To Your Feel

Lead Rope Finesse

Power, Structure, and Good Horse-Handling Balance

Part 10: Pg 3
Part 10: Pg 4
Bone Rotations and the Fully-Extended Arm

Power and the Fully-Extended Arm

The Fully-Extended Arm: The Power of Bone Rotations

Finding the Power of the T'ai Chi Wall

Close-Up Details of the T'ai Chi Wall

The T'ai Chi Wall and Bone Rotations

Creating Boundaries

Taking the Hip with the T'ai Chi Wall

Get ready, Get Set, Go! Rope Handling Details

Precision Rope Handling: The On/Off Hand Position

Is It Okay With You?: Cleaning Up Your Rope Handling Loops

Part 10: Pg 5
Part 10: Pg 6
Applying Good Rope Handling Skills

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Part 9: Pg 6 - Continued
Part 11: Riding Pt 1
Icaro and the Mounting Block

Canter In-Hand

Part 11: Pg 1
Leading a Four Person "Horse"

Part 11: Pg 2
Getting the Hip - Letting Go - Finding Balance:

Finding Halts: Part Two

Precision Halts

Keeping the Balance Between Stop and Go

Finding Halts

Part 11: Pg 4
Part 11: Pg 3 
Part 12: Riding Pt 2
Why Being Soft and Relaxed Matters

Part 12: Pg 1
Ground Preparation and Capture the Saddle 
Capture the Saddle

Mounting a Horse With Ease
Newby's Version of Capture the Saddle

Capture the Saddle

Part 12: Pg 2
Finding Your Horse's Brakes: Pt 1.: Letting Go

Part 11: Pg 4 - Continued
Part 12: Pg 3 - Continued
Part 13: Riding Pt 3
Obstacle Course Training

Part 13: Pg 2

Touch the Goblins

The Head-Lowering Balance Shift Explained

Part 13: Pg 3
The Grown-ups are Talking and Performance Excellence

Icaro: Schooling Clips

Part 13: Pg 4
Grooming A Clicker-Trained Horse

An Introduction To Hip-Shoulder-Shoulder

Head Lowering: From Ground Work To Riding

Part 13: Pg 3 Continued
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Putting in the Pauses

Part 12: Pg 3