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Part 5: Pg 2
Capturing the Bow

Freeshaping Backing

Freeshaping A Foot Target

Part 5: Pg 3
Why Pressure?

Pressure and the Clicker

Clicker-Compatible Equipment

Part 5: Pg 5
Molding a Shoulder Lift

Food Delivery: Feeding for Balance

Part 5: Pg 4
Modelling a Canter Depart

Liberty Lunging on the Beach

Part 6: Training Plans
Leg Flexions: Mixing and Matching Teaching Methods

Leg Flexions under Saddle

The Grown-Ups Are Talking

Part 6: Pg 1
Part 6: Pg 2
Freeshaping Backing

Happy Faces

Head Lowering

Part 6: Pg 3
Mat Work: Keeping Things in Balance

Part 7: Cues
Putting Behavior On Cue

Panda Heeling

What is a Cue

Part 7: Pg 1
Part 7: Pg 2
Stimulus Control

Stimulus Control and Respect

Cues Evolve out of the Shaping Process

Loose Lead Leading: Keeping Things in Balance

Part 7: Pg 3
Environmental Cues

Starter Button And Constant On Cues

Starter Button and Constant On Cues

Part 7: Pg 4
Natural and Artificial Cues

Teaching Verbal Cues

Teaching in Pairs: Building Great Stimulus Control

Part 8: Chains
Two Behavior Chains

Loose Lead Leading: Keeping Things in Balance

Part 8: Pg 1
Part 8: Pg 2
Clean Loops: Targeting and Grown-Ups

Two and Three Behavior Chains

Keeping Things in Balance: Two and Three Behavior Chains

Panda Heeling

Panda Heeling

Part 8: Pg 3
Building Long Chains

Part 8: Pg 4
The Power of Cues

Part 5: Teaching Strategies
Part 7: Pg 2 - Continued
Part 5: Pg 5 Continued
Part 5: Pg 6
Spanish Walk