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Liberty Ground Driving: 

Welcome to Clicker Training!

Part 1: Clicker Preparations
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Box Clicker, I-Clicker, and Tongue Clicks

Canter In-Hand

Spanish Walk

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Why Safety Always Come First
Grooming A Clicker-Trained Horse
Body Part Targeting
Part 2: Pg 1
Component Parts

Treat Pouches

Dos and Don’ts of Using A Clicker

Choosing Your Clicker Treats

Part 2: Pg 2
Twenty treats At A Time

Practicing Food Delivery

Does Your Horse Understand Food Buckets?

Checking Out Your Horse's Hand Feeding Manners

Self Control Around the Food.

Teaching Good Food Manners

Part 2: Pg 3

Tongue Clicks

Managing Your Treats

Making a Simple Target Stick

Part 2: Pg 4
First Targeting Lesson

Practicing Your Handling Skills

Basic Targeting Instructions

Basic Targeting 

Basic Targeting: Another Perspective

Bone Rotations: The Secret to Good Food Delivery

Part 2: Pg 5
Part 2: Pg 6
Panda Catch!

Moving the Target Too Much, Too Soon

Manners and Modifier Cues

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Part 3: Pg 1
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Fast Versus Prompt Food Delivery

Food Delivery Problems

Backing for Food Delivery: The Horse’s Point of View

Using the Food Delivery to Back Your Horse Out of Your Space

Using Food Delivery for Space Management

Feed Where the Perfect Horse Would Be

Part 3: Pg 4
Feed so your Horse Backs out of Your Space

More Variations on the Theme Ask for Backing - Feed Forward

Part 3: Pg 5
Part 4: Pg 2
Canter In-Hand

Part 4: Pg 3
The Grown-Ups Are Talking, Please Don’t Interrupt


The Grown-ups Are Talking: Training By Priority

The Grown-ups are Talking: Good Handling Details

Teaching Hand Signals

Length of Lead and the Release of the Snap

Part 4: Pg 5
"Happy Faces"

Free-Choice Backing

Part 4: Pg 7
Mat Manners

Mats and the Runway Exercise Explained

Mats and the Runway Exercise

Mat work: Teaching Balance, Emotional Control, and Finesse

Cone Circles and the Runway

Part 4: Pg 8
Part 4: The Six Foundation Lessons of Clicker Training
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 2: Getting Started with the Clicker
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Part 2: Pg 2 - Continued
Part 2: Pg 4 - Continued
Part 3: Pg 3
Riding A Clicker-Trained Horse
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Bone Rotations
The Balance Point of your Foot

Another View of the Bubbling Spring

Applied Targeting

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Setting up a Safe Clicker Classrooom

Part 4: Pg 4