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Alexandra Kurland is the author of "Clicker Training for your Horse""The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures""The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker" and "The Click That Teaches Video Lesson Series". Alexandra Kurland earned her degree from Cornell University where she specialized in animal behavior. She has been teaching and training horses since the mid-1980's. 

A pioneer in the development of humane training methods, She began clicker training in the early 1990's. She very quickly recognized the power of clicker training for improving performance, for enhancing the relationship people have with their horses, and for just plain putting fun back into training. Today through her books, videos, clinics and many articles, she has become a leading voice in the development of clicker training in the horse community.
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Course Contents
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: Getting Started
Part 3: Loopy Training
Part 4: Foundation Lessons
Part 5: Teaching Strategies
Part 6: Training Plans
Part 7: Cues
Part 8: Chains
Part 9: Clicker SuperStars
Part 10: Rope Handling
Part 11: Riding Pt 1
Part 12: Riding Pt 2
Part 13: Riding Pt 3
Part 14: A Look Ahead
Part 15: Bibliography
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Some of the horses and their partners that you'll be meeting on this course
Allie and Julie Varley
Panda and Ann Edie
Crackers and Bob Viviano
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What is Clicker training?  
The short answer is simply it's a great way to connect to your horse.  
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